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Kinako jam

Shuma looks very cute. Just curious, was the three month canada trip a good boost for his English? Did you try to keep up some Japanese exposure while there, or just do full immersion? Kind wishes from a kiwi mum in cologne Germany


It was so good for his English! I was expecting some improvement but was amazed. He also started talking more in general (he's a bit late and not much of a talker). I didn't really really do anything to maintain his Japanese- normally I would have but we left in a hurry and I wasn't really in a place to put any effort into it. So when we got back to Japan he'd (seemingly) forgotten all his Japanese but has bounced right back since then. Actually, I think his Japanese has improved, maybe the stimulation of learning all that new English has spilled over to the Japanese section of his brain...


These photos are so lovely! When we were living in Japan and I wasn't sure if we would still be there with children the thought of all those preschool bags and things terrified me - I think you've done very well to navigate it all. And it must be so tricky to know all the unwritten stuff. Nice to see you back here, and I hope you're doing okay.

Leela Debris

This is so amazing, I just stumbled upon your blog when i did a google search on sushi and I don't even know you but looking through your photos of your life in japan and your beautiful baby and how in love you are with your husband, it is just so surreal and beautiful. thank you for sharing your life with the world you are truly blessed.

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